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The New 1.1 update fixes a couple small issues....

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It's here! While working on assets for Darkness (The full game) I decided to update the Mod a bit since it had some bugs that needed squashing. Here are the updates!

Changed startup video format to Bik instead of MOV so its not an interlaced nightmare. It doesn't seem like it fixed the video not playing in fullscreen issue...

In the second chamber (after the elevator right) you can no longer portal through the door.

Added Darkness himself! You can now spot him in the final chamber of the demo.

I hope everyone who is or will play the demo enjoys it, it was my first time making a mod and the full game is currently being worked on. There is also going to be a lot more quality in the full game too!


I like where this is going! I look forward to the full release!

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