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Dark Wood v1.3 is released. See changelog for more details.

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v1.3 Changelog

- The lighting has been rebuilt. All the lights are a bit more intensive now, also some additional sources added to make ambient lighting look more natural. In few words, "mat_monitorgamma 1.9" in Update 1.3 is (almost) equivalent to "mat_monitorgamma 1.6" in Update 1.2
- Hint messages now can be visible to every team member and not only to the one who triggered it.
- Few design and navigation improvements here and there.
- Minor bugs fixed.

- Bots can see supplies now (at least most of them).

- Fixed bug, when player could activate the alarm again after the event is finished. (Door alarm event)
- Clip brushes removed over some handrails.

- Core explosion has now visual effect.

- A few additional light sources added.
- Item density slightly increased.
- One more rescue closet.

- The generator in the church should be static now.
- Item density slightly increased.

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