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This is the ship lineup of the Dark Progenitors this list can be changed at anytime and may not be final Ships are listed in order of class.

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Fighter Class
Scout Drone
Interceptor Drone
Attack Bomber Drone
Elite Drone

Corvette Class
Light Mover
Heavy Mover
Capture Mover

Frigate Class
Sentinel (Assault Frigate)
Guardian (Ion Frigate)
Hunter (Heavy Ion Frigate)

Capital Ship Class
The Dark One's Hand (Mothership/Carrier)
Dark Space Gateway (Shipyard)
Sleeper (Attack Carrier)
Keeper (Destroyer)
Reaver (Artillery Cruiser)
The Dark Star (Ultimate Ship/Sajuuk)

Platform/Defense Class
Hyperspace Generator
Shredder Turret
Repair Facility

Utility Class
Slave Miner (Resource Collector)
Overseer (Resource Controller)

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