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The fast paced platformer, Damsel, has entered phase two of early access adding 25 new missions, 5 new arenas, a new objective, and new enemies!

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A month after going into Steam Early Access, Screwtape is proud to release our phase two content for Damsel, the fast paced arcade platformer filled to the brim with more sartorially superior sanguinarians itching to take down vampire slayer slash secret agent Damsel.

The update contains 25 new missions across five new beautifully detailed arenas. From the the claustrophobic corridors of The Basement, to the vertical vertigo of The Building Site!

We've added a new mission, Checkpoint Defence, that will have you racing back and forth taking on waves of enemies while protecting a satellite uploading precious intel to the agency!

There's also a few new enemies. The crew from episode one return with some of there more aggressive friends who regenerate health if you don't take them out quick enough. We've also added the Black Widow, a spider that hangs around arenas just waiting to be jumped into. Keep an eye out at the end of the episode for the introduction of two other baddies as well, who'll make sure you use that dash ability to get out of the way.

Damsel is available now in Early Access on Steam, with a full release planned for April.

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