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Gameplay revamps and new graphics for Daily Espada! Jobchanger Brigade preAlphas delayed for a bit because of it.

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So I'm extremelly happy to announce that Daily Espada has been accepted on Steam through it's Greenlight page!! For those that don't know, Daily Espada is a boss oriented action platformer which features monsters from Brazilian folklore, like a headless mule (a type of horse) that spits fire through it's neck.I had finished work on Daily Espada around May, then I started working on small side projects until I began working on Jobchanger Brigade, which has been my most ambitious project so far, you can take a look at it on the gif below:

Alpha gifs

Working on Jobchanger Brigade has been awesome, specially since I've adopted a different approach than in Daily Espada, with a more open development and frequent free preAlphas, until the game is ready to be sold. I've also learned a lot since I've last worked on Daily Espada, even though it's only been around 7 months. I've learned so much that I can't release Daily Espada on it's present state on Steam!

I mean, I love the game and what it represents, but I wanna update the graphics and the gameplay at least a bit. You can see some footage of Daily Espada below:

Here are some images of the updated graphics (the ones in the left are new, on the right are old):

New main character graphic New graphic comparison for hero New graphic comparison for hero

Those are not final. They should also give you a clue of some new gameplay elements that may come.

So I believe it may take anywhere from 1 one to 3 months for me overhaul this game. This means Jobchanger Brigade's development will slowdown, but not stop completely. Yes, I'll try to keep developing both games at the same time, but Daily Espada will get priority and Jobchanger Brigade's alpha emission will no longer follow the biweekly format I had set before. I'm not sure on how often I'll be releasing updates for Jobchanger while Daily Espada is getting most of my attention, but I'll try to get something going for you guys.

You can buy Daily Espada right now from Itch.IO, Desura, IndieGameStand and my own website. They will all get updated with the Steam version once I'm done with it. I hope to be releasing a trailer for Daily Espada's new stuff soon!

Daily Espada

Sorry for slowing down Jobchanger and happy new years, everyone!

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