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Listed below are some of the core features currently implemented in D-RPG.

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Current Game Features:


Combat is a mix of action RPG combat and traditional dice roll combat (spells and attacks can be physically dodged while a skill check will still be performed once a hit is detected).


So far there are three primary stats in D-RPG.

  • Strength - effects melee weapon damage and health
  • Agility - effects weapon speed and stamina
  • Intelligence - effects spell damage and mana

There are an additional 5 primary skills.

  • Melee - effects attack chance
  • Magic - effects magic hit chance
  • Evade - effects melee/ranged evasion chance
  • Resist - effects magic resist chance
  • Craft - effects the probability of successfully upgrading an item versus destroying it

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XP is awarded primarily for slaying monsters. XP can be saved and spent to upgrade stats and skills.

Random Loot:

Loot rolls are random based off of a slain mob's loot table; all attributes for armor, weapons, and accessories are also randomly rolled.

Weapon Stats:
Min and Max Damage
Damage Type (Physical, Fire, Cold, Acid)
Crafting Modifier
Weapon Color

Armor Stats:
Armor Type
Armor Level
Elemental Reduction Level
Armor Color


Crafting in D-RPG is more of an upgrade system than a system where you craft items from scratch. Crafting materials can be found from farming mobs which then can be applied to a piece of armor, weapon, or jewelry. For example, a Steel Bar can be applied to a weapon or armor piece to increase either the damage or armor level of the item. When applying the Steel Bar a probability will be displayed based off of the number of times the item has been upgraded versus the crafting skill of the Player. If the dice roll is successful the item is upgraded with a bonus stat. If the dice roll fails the item is destroyed along with the crafting material.


There are a variety of spells currently implemented but I will hold off on explaining them until the spell system is more fleshed out. Additionally, there are a variety of other gameplay features that are currently being implemented (or will be implemented in the near future) and I will be sure to keep this post updated with my progress.

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