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Happy to formally announce that galactic conquest will be supported for ANF! It will effectively work the same as other conquests, with some unique features added!

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GC Enhancements: A new, much higher quality galaxy map has been introduced, brightness toned down, new models for bonuses, ships, a new FO Star Destroyer fleet icon, and colors have been adjusted!

Special Units: Special units such as the Jettrooper, Elite Stormtrooper, and Flametrooper for the First Order will be purchasable. The Resistance will sport the Jettrooper, Spy, and Wookie!

New Worlds: The GC will automatically detect if you have any BF I maps and add them to pre-existing worlds, where there will be a chance to play for example, BF II Kashyyk or BF I Kashyyk: Docks! Two added worlds from BF I are RhenVar and Bespin, as well as our own worlds that will come later; Jakku and Crait.

*Keep in mind that these maps are not required for Galactic Conquest, what you have will be added and what you don't will simply be skipped

Updated Galaxy Map with new planets!


Side Selection available! Play as Resistance or First Order!


New Galaxy Texture!



Credits to Gemini Observatory - GMOS Team for the spiral galaxy image

First Order Unit Selection:

Resistance Unit Selection:

First Order Star Destroyer Model


First Order Fleet Texture and FO Icon

FO SD Texture

Resistance Fleet Texture and Icon

RES Icon

wookieejedi - - 207 comments

Very cool, can't wait to play it! Keep up the awesome work.

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theslitherydee - - 256 comments

I have fond memories of galactic conquest. Building new fleets because it takes too much time to move them across the map.

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Calrissian97 Author
Calrissian97 - - 408 comments

I plan on editing the costs to make it more fun, but still challenging.

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arccommando - - 36 comments

I have 4 questions

1- from 1 to 10, how much did the difficulty increase in the common battles and in the galactic conquest?
2-What will be the maximum number of reinforcements in the mod?
3-What inspired you to create this mod?
4-What would be for you, a fair price of fleets and units in galactic conquest?

PD: if something is badly written, I'm sorry, it's that I do not write in English at 100%

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ChumBucketCentral - - 1 comments

Man I'm just amazed that a game this old is still being supported to this day. Great job guys, this looks awesome!

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DarthSith - - 1,717 comments

Awesome!!! Cant wait to play GC in this mod i think this is the first mod in ages to have a custom Gc Great Work the animations are great aswell as the really cool models excellent effort Cal :)
This really looks High Quality are u gonna edit the descriptions of the planets to make the era make sense or even add in Crait and Jakku? Or is it already in there and we cant see it?

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Calrissian97 Author
Calrissian97 - - 408 comments

I'm going to try! Hehe

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ryanchase - - 1 comments

Not feeling the "Star Trek" style name for a Star Wars mod. Not cool!

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Calrissian97 Author
Calrissian97 - - 408 comments

Wasn't my doing, but I've got nothing against it either >_>

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DarthSith - - 1,717 comments

Does it matter its not the end of the world u try thinking of a name

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DarthSith - - 1,717 comments

The new Galaxy texture looks very attractive Cal nice work.

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Negreteluis - - 5 comments

Hi Calrissian97 why not put the mod active in Moddb for more people download the mod. Is my suggestion

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Calrissian97 Author
Calrissian97 - - 408 comments

It is still a WIP, although 1.0 should release soon!

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jakep2334 - - 1 comments

Does the expanded map set only work in the sequels era or can I play the bf1 maps in clone wars/civil war era galactic conquest?

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SirMoeckel - - 1 comments

Well, where the download button?

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