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Hello, welcome to the 1st WaT ModDB news post, I don't like this post editting format already.

Moving on to the meat of this post. The team has officially got an Alpha (huzzah), we are happy with the work we've managed to get in within our short time of development (4 months). Hopefully you've watched all the Videos we've put out lately showing off what we're created from scratch.

So, are you wondering what was in the Alpha? Keep reading! If not ignore till I leave a bold spot somewhere, anyways the Alpha. We aimed to have the gamemodes inside but sadly our Coder Striker has been busy and will be adding them for the Beta. Things we managed to add in that work are the following..

- Musket Wobble, new anis for most functions.

- New Flag model that waves.

- Complete sounds - Drum & fife music.

- Faction characters models & texs Inf/Cav/Spec/Other

- New Sapper items.

I've left out the more boring things.

-Alpha chat over-

We know the times we live in currently whether it be a game or a mod things come early and broken and for those who are eager to get their hands on the game this can is welcomed, tho we hope we have a mature audience who understands we launch something finished? Odd I know call us old fashioned but please, we aim to please.

Make sure you're following us on all the Media stuff



blah blah, thanks for reading.



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Looks really good :) You are all doing a great job, never give up. Continue the good work :D

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