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To begin with i would like to acknowlege that the photo is indeed from vanilla EuIV.However,this is simply because the mod is not in a stage where i could show photoes fron the mod.This post will focus on where i will first be focusing on in the mod.

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For the purpose of this mod i will be focusing not on the whole world at once but rather in smaller regions.What this means is that i will 1st develop the mechanics,features and content for the region im currently working on. As of right now this will mean a complete overhaul of Scandinavia.Why did i pick Scandinavia you ask? Well, its quite simple, Scandinavia is one of the smaller regions in game which means less work than say the Balkans.After i finish the "basics" of each region(Nations and Cultures mainly) i will then move on to the complex part(Idea Groups,Religion). Do take in mind though that this project literraly just started!

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