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Recent Development of Naval CBT and more news about the shipgirls!

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Probably been long not posting in here - But this doesn't means the mod is dead! I have been watching this page from time to time, so if any of my mods are bugged or broken, please report to me!

Please be noted that I am not very active updating the mods to the current standard because Sound Mods tends to work for a long time.

I have checked if there are new quotes added recently and there haven't been any changes.

Aside from that - Why is my mod inactive?

Well, first and foremost - The way of development of this Naval CBT is getting boring and it only featured 3 Navies - Soviets, Americans and Germans. Japanese fleet will (probably) not be here for long, which most of the ships in Kancolle are Japanese.

Lately (months before) I planned national-oriented sound mod which tries to include HMS Jervis, Z3 "Max", Tashkent, and Samuel B. Roberts. Because Sammy's voice turns out to be different from what I've thought, this idea is ditched as the CBT was announced to include only American and German Fleet. D-Don't get me wrong! If I have the time, I will implement the Z3 Sound Mod!

But that would be a thing when Soviets are added, so I can put Tashkent in the roaster too.

Rest of Today's Topic will be focused on Yuudachi, whom had a sound mod. The latest Kancolle update today has included hourlines for Yuudachi and there are so many "poi"s that I can't miss.


This inspired me to update the Yuudachi sound mod to include more quotes from her. After her quotes are translated and ready, I will start working on the update. There will be no ETA for the mod to arrive though, but it will be here! Please look forward to it! o7

Anyway, thanks for reading the post :P


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