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A quick report on this mod and its plans. Hopefully answering some questions.

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Hi all,

there hasn't been much happening on the field of this mod in the last few months. I haven't been answering most messages, either, so this article should at least shortly answer some of the common questions:

Is this mod finished? Will it be updated?

At this very moment, nobody is working on the mod as testers have already left quite a long time ago and I don't personally have time to continue as it is very time demanding (remember how many issues were developers unable to fix even with a modest budget and professional teams :)).

However, the updates are still planned, you can be looking forward to upgrades of neutral creatures (corresponding with AC mod) for instance (with improved abilities and artworks) and some bug fixes, of course, the question is only when as it will probably take some time before I have time again (but it should be in 2021 :D).

I will also consider releasing at least a beta version of the current internal build in February at least so that you can try out some of the changes sooner.

At the meantime, you can continue reporting all the issues, I will look at them when it is possible.

What to do in the meantime?

There are currently other projects which deserve attention:

  • community DLC Shadows over Ashan (by LordGraa)
  • alternative creatures (AC mod) improved and extended (by Pointer & AcidDragon)
  • an alternative balance mod H7 Improved (by MoritzBradtke)

(This list is definitely not exhaustive. If you are aware of some other great mods, let me know.)

Can you fix MP issues?

No, no and no, although it would be amazing. You can search for some guides on how to set your computers such that you minimize these issues but there's very little we could do with that.

Can you add new factions like Inferno or Sanctuary?

Technically it should be possible with some limitations (see Shadows over Ashan), there were some problems with imports of H6 models and their animations. We would need a person who would be able to do that :)

Can you improve the AI?

There is very little to be done without the source code access, mainly some value tweaks. However, some experienced game programmer could take a look at some guides and try to find some way. Any collaboration with such a person would we more than welcome.

Thank you for your support and positive comments so far.

Have a nice day and stay negative (but with a positive attitude) at these hard times,



My friends and i are very grateful for this patch , thnx Antalyan!

A few things to consider plz for the next patch :

Plz revert the change to Ymoril like she was and make Edric the way he was( justicars are women so is natural their leader to be a woman imho) , the new ability of Thomas we dont like as you can wait with the dire-wolves and there the disadvantage is gone , we would like the old ability of Edric plz.

This one is more important , add way more artifacts with magic resistance , not every hero can have GM destiny! Late game magic heroes own really hard our might heroes. The scaling spells although are nice , they make the problem of magic over might even bigger! Maybe add to every racial ability except orcs 5 percent magic resistance ? At least 15 percent magic resostance to be easily accesible to everyone!

Do something about the warcries plz. Right now as they are , we never use them . Maybeheroes can use warcries and hit with the hero at every turn! That balances it i think

Also ghost get so many with necromancy , late gane they are already unstoppable , plz make incorporeal at 5%.

We are eagerly waiting for the new patch! Thank you for this great mod!

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Antalyan Author

Thanks for your nice words!

I fully agree it makes sense to have a female justicar leader. The issue is I don't really see their connection with Ymoril and its biography as it suggests she should be great at economy, not fighting. Any thougts about that? Anyway, some change is needed here since the new spec is bugged as Ymoril does not have access to the skill due to her class.

I wouldn't really like magic resistance to be easily accessible for everyone as it would become a must-have skill (also it makes sense orcs are more magic-resistent). However, I'm aware of a problem with very few possibilities how to resist magic. Any other suggestions?

I don't believe that warcries are weak. They increase stats significantly, for example +1 movement or +10 attack really makes a difference, not even mentioning possible combos (e.g. Attention with Warfare).

Incorporeal value decrease is in consideration ;)

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