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Super Funkybox 2000 is moving forward in development and therefore i thought it would be appropriate to inform about the game's current state.

As of now the game has 2 finished levels, which might not sound like a lot but they are not just small quick levels. The game is intended as an endurance game, that you see either how far you can come, or if you finish, how good you did your run. Therefore the game is not going to be an overly long game, otherwise you would not get to try the later levels as often as the first ones. The game is mostly meant as a fun little timekiller.

There is currently a couple hazards along the levels that include missile launchers, fireballs, spikes, jump pads etc. and i aim to get some more implemented for more variation in the gameplay. A few powerups are also going to appear in the game. So far there are none but they would definitly be a nice feature, and there will be some.

So a few of the things need to be done includes:

  • Add more hazards
  • Add more levels
  • Add powerups
  • Graphical changes
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