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Hmm, thought I’d post something today.Regarding to the development of Minetest there are many kinds of stuff going on all the time, altough it might be not very visible to outside of the various IRC channels where the dev-kind-of people seem to mostly hang around.Lately I have been figuring out the tricky bug of decapitated trees in the output of the new map generator.

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I haven’t pushed too hard but managed to find the Mother Bug ™ that caused it. Killing that one however caused a bunch of others which I am now working on.

Volumetric clouds in MinetestVolumetric clouds in Minetest

I have been hanging around on #minetest-delta. We have discussed about the map generator, the merging of the audio branch and the possibility of music. And, well, many other things that I don’t remember. Those guys seem to be working on at least volumetric clouds, translations and slightly improved water physics. There is also a key configuration menu, it seems. Oh, and they have created a shortcut icon too.minetest(-delta) icon I am looking forward to merging the work in Delta and stuff some other people have done into my main branch, for the benefit and convenience of everybody. The next version will be released when there is a good amount of new things to be released. It would be nice to get it ready before 4th of August, because the Assembly Summer 2011 computer festival (i think that’s what they call it these days) takes place at that time in Helsinki, Finland. I will most probably go there, like I have done since 2007. Or was it 2006? Well, whatever.

Spr09 - - 102 comments


get this crap off moddb, we dont need more frikkin minecraft clones

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Icedecknight - - 974 comments

Why not? If it's free than it would be a great alternative for those who can't pay online. If not well it is still a good try but will not keep up with the original. Either way i'll track and support these guys, as long as they make all the work themselves.

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

I agree, abit sick of seeing minecraft clones, especially when it is a complete remake :s.

If you can try do something different with the concept/artstyle i think it's awesome but when most of people just do it as they arn't creative enough to come up with a fresh idea, use the same block mechanics and considering you can just copy/paste the minecraft source-code kinda defeats the point of making a clone. Why not just make mods for minecraft instead :S.

Why not try something different like making all blocks really small then it means you can have really awesome levels all built out of voxels and stuff, try something fresh instead of the same old minecraft clone that probley 5 people will play then get bored and play the full game that has a commercial team working on it.

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GmansFan - - 221 comments

It isn't a remake. It is much diffrent then minecraft. It has diffrent monsters, art styles. best of all, unlike minecraft, it doesn't take a **** load of memory ir cpu power to play. If you have such a problem, why not just not come to this project?

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angelcs - - 276 comments

i would love to not watch minecraft at all =)

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