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Hey guys,

Well, i've got good news, i'm doing alot better than last time...

However i'm still not fully recovered and really busy with school, so that means I won't be working on the mod any time soon...

I still haven't made the decision on my mod's future, there's a gut feeling however telling me I shouldn't give up just yet, but, with the strain of things coming up in the near future I don't expect any progress to be made until July 2014 atleast...

I'll be fair with you guys though, i've had a day where I tried to "test-drive" my old modding routine, and I think I kept it up for about 30 minutes before I totally lost ANY motivation left...

So looking at things the way they are now, chances are I might quit modding completely, I haven't made a final decision yet, but i'll make sure you guys will be the first to know!

Of course i'm saddened to tell you this, but I thought it would be good to atleast tell you guys the current state of affairs concerning the mod...

See you around,

Roy A.K.A. LeMisérable


Dont quit, I loved this mod and I think it needs a good revival!

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agree, this mod is just too good to be closed !

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LeMisérable Author

I'm not gonna let that play any role, when I do feel like I should quit, i'm going to quit regardless of the status or popularity of the mod, not listening to that feeling is what made me quit modding temporarily in the first place...

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This is a great mod, however I wouldn't want a developer to be working on his mod against his own will.

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