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The game is proceeding and we are going to the Early Access and probably to the Kickstarter campaign.

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Hello everyone, i hope you are doing well.
Some time passed, so i decided to make this post to inform you regarding the current path of this project. The amount of work is pretty high, so i couldn't post anything during this one and half month.

Actually the game is going ahead pretty well, as you can see in our social pages.

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Lots of improvements regarding the gameplay and the 3d and 2d graphic are going on and will finish at the end of this month.
This is mostly thanks to the help of the guys that are participating to this project:

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They are doing a fantastic work with the creation of the new character called Thyra and the new Ui assets and the in game Norse runes made by Jonathan.

This is a sneak peak of what they are creating:

marco borrelli screenshot002marco borrelli screenshot004foresta e castello 1 logo

So now, since the game is going on in a good way and lots of new improvements have been done, the decision is to open in October the first Early Access of the game.
A new post will be made to inform you all about the precise date and procedures for the Early Access and also for the Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter would be a massive way to support the project, pay the game less and get lots of other benefits for the players and for who is developing the game. This is why probably it could start before the Early Access. There are some things to set up regarding these two procedures, so one good start point would be to know your opinion regarding this.

Would you prefer supporting Utgardr through Kickstarter for a less price, more benefits and wait one additional month for the Early Access or pay the Early Access this October, paying the game a little more than buying it in the Kickstarter campaign?

Thanks for your opinions and for everyone that wishlisted the game on Steam... we are more than 500!

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