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Some more details of Recolonize Mod game mechanics. Will be updated in times. And you can also ask the questions about this mod game mechanics.

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Due to some internal problem we cannot publish our latest artworks, but we are decided to announce more details of this mod game mechanics. This is the list of stuffs that have decided by the team. This list will be updated sometimes, and if you have any more questions for game mechanics or related things, those are welcome here and will be answered by me (n5p29) who made the mod concept.

General Features:
- heroes: 3 per sides, 4 if possible, can be set to only have one hero at a time
- superweapon: 1 per side, only can build one each, unlocks at protocol bar, for late game only!
- resource: two kinds, mine that can be depleted and field that regenerate over time, both converted to credits however
- both faction uses flag capture method to capture enemy buildings
- planned campaigns: 3 campaigns (humans, drones, and secret campaign), some missions are parallel, plus mini quests/games (to use the generals challenge)
- you can't capture opposing faction structures in faction campaigns (e.g. humans can't capture drones in humans campaign, for story-wise decision)
- not all vehicles can crush infantry! so don't think infantry units are useless here

- build system: Dozer/Worker style
- unit cap: yes (can't build more units when the cap exceed)
- power: no (buildings requires no powers)
- resource gatherer: war miner kind
- units produced at: barracks, warfactory, airpad
- how to tech-up: generic tech tree, have two tier structures, each unlocks more advanced stage units.
- units can be promoted
- building capturer: engineer (not CNC variants, it's the builder unit)
- radar: upgrade at Command Center
- infantry units can garrison structures
- unit transport: amphibious APC (infantry only)

- build system: RA3 Soviet MCV style (click, place, build)
- unit cap: no (still can build more units when the cap exceed)
- power: yes (buildings requires powers, disabled when low-powered)
- resource gatherer: small flying drone
- units produced at: factory only
- how to tech-up: tier structures unlock specific units
- units can't be promoted (except heroes)! they are relative stronger than humans units so didn't need to be promoted
- building capturer: special unit, named assimilator maybe
- radar: use separated radar building, disabled when low-powered
- infantry units can't garrison structures, but still transportable
- unit transport: VTOL carry-all aircraft (both infantry and vehicles)

- actually unit cap uses same slot as power, so if you have both side units, the populations and power counts are accumulated.

Once again, questions are welcome :)


what is the Recolonize Mod????

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n5p29 Author

you can read it by yourself.

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wow cool! i would love to see the final outcome of this mod

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feillyne Staff

You have some interesting ideas there, it's quite nice to have so varied sides/factions. :-)

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i could expect this mod to be another masterpiece from nproductions.

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n5p29 Author

GRANS Productions actually.
NProductions have been merged to GRANS long time ago.

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