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CubeZ PvP Alpha is live now and ready to be tested and played at Kongregate!

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CubeZ is in alpha but we're making huge progress with our Multiplayer now having 16 player matches and two maps. We've only started developing CubeZ since November 2013. I've designed about 10 prototypes of games but nothing has ever gotten enough attention to develop it further. We take a unique approach when designing systems and play styles. While CubeZ is an FPS, we're hoping that you'll see it for more than that as the game evolves. CubeZ should eventually start to feel like a First Person Experience rather than a Shooter. The game is comical with the various faces that we have in the game and extremely low poly shaped characters and environments, but after playing for a few minutes that fades away as did with Minecraft and other Block style games. We're not trying to do the voxel world style or knock off of it and have no intention to gravitate towards voxels. Minecraft is great but we're not another Minecraft knock off, although we are creating a Spleef map/mode, which we know you'll love. We do have a few destructible environment items though; doors, barriers, and some others in production. We have big plans for CubeZ and I hope you like it so far. Please go play it at

We also hope to open the game to modders eventually, but I believe we'll need Unity Pro to do so, which we're actively seeking licenses for.

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And our website was up, then I tried converting to Joomla, hate it, going back to a custom site soon, maybe Wordpress, but our domain:

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This game is really fun actually!

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