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Cubemash is the latest in challenging unique mobile gaming, now available on the Google Play Store. Are you up for the Cubemash challenge?

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Cubemash is now officially available on the Google Play Store!

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Yes, the game is finally out and is already being played by people around the world! Continuous developments, updates, and feedback are being addressed rapidly, and I must say, Cubemash sure has matured over time.

To give you a quick summary about the game in case you're still wondering, Cubemash is an exciting new concept in cube games which blends elements of rapid puzzle solving, casual, and arcade to bring a thoroughly engaging and addictive mobile gaming experience. The game is challenging, and helps the player master the controls gradually in an exponential fashion. Which means that the first levels are relatively easier, but the game difficultly then rapidly increases as the players moves up. It just gets harder and harder!

The most exciting thing about Cubemash is the themes. Currently there are two beautiful themes available; the Grapevine theme, and the Pac-Cube theme. Effects and explosions change with each theme, giving the players a different experience each time they play the game. Unlocking themes requires coins which the player can get throughout the game, or by watching rewarded ads. The game is totally free. There are no in-app purchases. So just get the coins by playing and executing combos, and unlock the exciting themes. More themes are actively under development!

Grapevine Theme

Not belonging to the tap-tap mobile game genre, Cubemash has a completely different play mechanic, and requires the user to slide thumb in "isometric" directions to roll the cube around. The rolling has to be done in the most efficient manner to make sure imminent surrounding explosions are avoided, and time is conserved. This unique gameplay is unseen in modern mobile games, so experience the original now before some lazy dev out there copies it! Cubemash will always remain unique, and the themes will always be something that are born out of creativity, passion, and deep thought.

I do hope you download Cubemash and enjoy playing it after a rough day to unwind. I would be happy to hear what you have to say about the game at info [at] I am always on the lookout for reviews, ideas, and suggestions that will help me get better as a developer, and help Cubemash turn into something the world has never seen before.

Farhan @ Grapevine Games


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