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There has been some huge updates to Classic Sonic 3d Adventure in the last months! I'll be showing two new levels in the game.

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Haunted Château Zone: adventure 1- level 4

Haunted Château is a dark atmosphere stage where Sonic or Tails will encounter ghosts. They are very powerful and the only way the player can stop them is with light. So the player is equipped with a hat flash light to defeat them. Many ideas went into this as far as the how it will actually flow and progresses, however I believe the atmosphere did a great job. Many inspiration from Mario 3d World hunted level helped.


  • pumpkins
  • ghosts

Lava Hills Zone: adventure 1- level 5

Lava Hills Zone is basically a fan favorite from sonic 2 hill top zone, but in my own way. Robotnik created a huge Rexon badnik to slow the player down while dealing with all the other stuff going in the level.

This stage have many obstacles dealing with lava and fire. The player must do a lot of dodging in this one!


  • Gola
  • Super Rexon
  • Buzzer

Flicky Island and Chao

The last thing I want to show is Flicky Island. This place is just like Chao Garden in the Sonic Adventure games, however the player will bring all the flickies you save to this place to be safe. You collect them to bring them back to the original world Sonic and Tails is from. You do need a certain amount to progress to beat the game. Also, you can raise Chao and bring them on quests with you ( this part have not been implemented yet). A shop is available where you can buy food items for the Chao and buy new Chao eggs. I also want to add player add ons to buy too.

If you like this project subscribe to my youtube channel Chishado . This I where I usually give video updates on the game first!



I can test the Mac port for you!

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where's the link?

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