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Help me come up with more things for the airship crew to shout?

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I've moved the things the crew shouts into an external file, and would like to ask you all for suggestions on additional things they could shout. Below is the current file. I think each category is fairly self-explanatory. Suggestions for additional situations where crew should shout something are also good. :D

    "suspOffline": [
        "Suspendium offline!",
        "I've lost lift!",
        "Lift chamber offline!"
    "needCoal": [
        "I need some coal here!",
        "Almost out of coal!",
        "Coal! Quick!",
        "Where's the coal?",
        "I need some coal!",
        "Get me some coal!",
        "Hurry up with the coal!"
    "needAmmo": [
        "I need some ammo here!",
        "Someone get me some ammo!",
        "Out of ammo!",
        "Where's the ammo?",
        "Ammo, quick!"
    "hit": [
        "I'm hit!",
    "injured": [
        "Man down!"
    "aboutToExplode": [
        "She's going to blow!",
        "That thing's gonna fly apart!",
        "Stand back!",
        "It's going to explode!"
    "falling": [
        "We're falling!",
        "Brace for impact!",
    "damageReport": [
        "Repairs needed!",
        "Damage report!",
        "This could use some fixing.",
        "Get some tools here!"
    "hullBreach": [
        "Armour's gone!",
        "Hull breach!",
        "We've lost armour!",
        "We've got a hole.",
        "Hull breach!",
        "Hull breached!"
    "fire": [
        "Quick, water!",
        "Fire! Fire!"
    "aimedFire": [
        "Aim carefully!",
        "Take your time and aim, lads.",
        "Waste no shots, crew.",
        "All gunners: aimed fire."
    "rapidFire": [
        "Fire at will!",
        "Gun them down!",
        "Shoot them out of the sky, lads!",
        "All gunners: rapid fire!"
    "directHit": [
        "Take that!",
        "Direct hit!",
        "Got you!"
    "victory": [
        "That showed 'em!",
        "We did it!",
        "For the empire!"
    "defeat": [
        "That's it, lads.",
        "We're done for!",
        "We surrender!",
    "outOfResource": [
        "We've run out of [resource]!",
        "We're out of [resource]!",
        "That was the last of the [resource]!"
    "veryLowResource": [
        "We're nearly out of [resource].",
        "Almost out of [resource].",
        "Report: [resource] running very low."
    "lowResource": [
        "We're running low on [resource].",
        "Starting to run out of [resource] here.",
        "Report: supplies of [resource] are getting low."
    "repaired": [
        "Back online.",
        "Got that fixed.",
        "Patched up.",
        "Repairs underway.",
        "Got it working!"


"My leg! It hurts"

"aboutToExplode": [


well i am poor with such stuff

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i have some shouts


lets do repairs here

Ship is Grounded

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(Praise the lord and) "Pass the ammunition!"

"They got me!"

"Confirmed hit"

"Good to go!"

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