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Broke Protocol hits the v0.80 milestone. This version is aptly named the Crimes and Clothing Update for sweeping crime changes and clothing additions.

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Another big day for Broke Protocol as the game hits the v0.80 milestone. This version is aptly named the Crimes and Clothing Update for, well… the sweeping crime changes and clothing additions :) This update comes as a result of valuable community input. And future updates will also take player feedback into account. So make sure your voice is heard on the official Discord, Facebook, and Twitter.
A big focus of this update was adding a bunch of new clothing options. You can now select from sports uniforms, to military grade jumpsuits, rucksacks, and gas masks. New items can be found at the all new clothing shop. This shop is located at the Mega Mall (though more of a strip mall) marked on your map.


These new wearable additions are not just cosmetic. They are part of a first pass at criminal system changes that made its way into v0.80. Your outfit at the scene of the crime is saved in your criminal history. But if you change 3 or more articles of clothing, you are effectively disguised. This will lower your wanted level and also reduce the expiration time of crimes you’ve disguised for. Also, you can totally roleplay Dust2 as T’s.


Other criminal system changes include a check for nearby witnesses before crimes are charged against players. Not all crimes require a physical witness. For example, Trespassing assumes most banks and military installations have security cameras in place. But for other crimes, you might want to make sure the coast is clear before doing your dirty deeds.


If your cover is blown and you are witnessed committing a crime, you have the ability to ‘dispose’ of any curious onlookers. The Key Witness is logged in your Criminal History Menu and you have the option of taking them out to reduce your wanted level and hopefully get the SpecOps off your tail sooner than later.


Many other small additions here to improve and fix game faults. You now have private storage in for your apartment in the form of safes and chests. Lockable furniture ensures even guests won’t be able to access your goods. Also, holding a gun license won’t charge you with contraband for guns and ammo if your are searched by police now. You’ll also see slightly reduced law enforcement spawns, lower job penalties for crimes, and fewer interior police reinforcements. These changes are part of an effort to balance the game and make doing your job a bit easier.

Many other changes included as well, so make sure you check out the changelog and download the latest update today!

Full change log below.

Download Here

Linux Server

Crimes and Clothing Update Change Log

Added Clothing Shop interior at Mega Mall Location
Added many new clothing items and models
Most crimes now need a witness
Key witness reported in crime info panel
Witnesses can be killed to reduce wanted level
Changing outfits can reduce wanted level (reported in crime panel)
Chests and Safes in apartments are now private for the owner
Guns and ammo no longer trigger a Contraband crime if they are licensed
Slightly reduced crime penalties for jobs
Exploding cars no longer place a crime on the last driver (flooding fix)
Morphine now gives a proper reward
More accurate job expiration tracking
Added furry handcuffs (in durress)
Saved player data now uses JSON format for easy editing and future-proofing
Reduced Police/SpecOps NPC spawning
Removed ticketing (too many silly exploits and abuses)
Fixed some wall alignment issues in office interiors
Many crimes reworded and reorganized
Bombs/bazookas moved into a safe with 3-star Robbery crime if stolen
Reworked map area around pizza place
Parked SUV moved to the pier
NPC Medics and Firemen properly can properly target again
Fixed church flickering texture
Optimized/fixed some airliner meshes
Town Hall door texture fixed
Fixed incorrect equipment order after adding/removing items
Chest furniture inventory graphic fixed
SpecOps added to phone call menu
Cleaned up some unnecessary casting within the code
SpecOps Color changed to desert color
Update to Unity Engine 2018.1.5
Fixed some jittery physics
Fixed occasional invisible players when apartments get cleaned up
Added missing colliders to some objects and optimized others
Better navmesh for AI
Reduced rate of police entering interiors
Fixed unable to view large inventories
Fixed texture compression artifacts on some items
Fixed occasional stuck ragdoll glitch
Camera better matches head position during crouching
Fixed house porch mesh error


Screenshot Credits: @Broke_Protocol, Kato Soto, and @BP_RU_Community


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