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Hello my fellow mod watchers, as it seems that I was asked to work for the HWU (homeworld universe mod) it seems they had no goal like mine, while this mod does. ~MelvinVM

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As some are aware, Homeworld Universe Mod was not where MelvinVM shared his goals.

I am aware that it might be a bit confusing at first, but im not simply jumping over. This Galactic Council mod has a goal similar to mine, which is keeping homeworld 2 as it is, but just make complete, new races for it, making it a complete homeworld 2, but not the old flashbacks of the homeworld 1 stuff, or giving more advanced and new units to the existing races, just a new mod, which adds new races, new tactics, new ways of having fun with the old game. I simply want to make the best out of my work, but this does not mean I'm letting the homeworld universe project down, as other mod developers, I will still be donating my race to the massive project if it ever gets done.

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