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Credits. A big thank you and license information on the assets used.

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First I'd like to thank all of you artists that published assets with newcoming indie developer friendly licenses. And a special thanks to the ones who had their assets used in this edition.

I'd also like to thank the Godot Engine team. This game is powered by Godot 3.0

And now, the credits, organized by how I'm using the assets:



Space Gui in various colors, by Rawdanitsu
CC0 downloaded from

Flags, by andi
CC-BY 3.0 Downloaded from

Wireframe Portrait, by pennomi
CC0 downloaded from

dark_rift.jpg, by A. Fujii - I'm still trying to figure out whether it licensed or will have to be replaced. In the meantime, it is our space background image
Unknown license downloaded from

Planet Collection & Builder, by RSL Labs (
CC-BY-3.0 Downloaded from

Smoke Particles, by
CC0 1.0 Universal downloaded from

2D Space Ships Pack - War Antuz race, by Carlos Alface (
A Special thank you, since it is pretty much the core of the game
CC-BY-3.0 downloaded from

Space Background, by ansimuz (
Our current back-up plan in case the other background has to be removed.
CC0 downloaded from

CC-BY 3.0 downloaded from

Orkney, by Samuel Oakes and Alfredo Marco Pradil
OFL, downloaded from

Audio samples:

Picked Coin Echo 2, by NenadSimic
CC-By- 3.0, downloaded from

Small explosion, by dinodilopho
CC0, downloaded from

Supernatural explosion by Quaker540
CC0, downloaded from

UI Audio, by
CC0 1.0 Universal downloaded from

Voiceover Pack, by
CC0 1.0 Universal downloaded from

Digital Audio, by
CC0 1.0 Universal downloaded from

Atmospheric puzzles, by legoluft from krank game
CC0, downloaded from
krank game -

Deep Space, by Hardmoon / Arjen Schumacher
CC0, downloaded from

Contemplation, by bart
CC BY 3.0, downloaded from

Overgeared Noob's logo and related animations:

Knight and knight animation, by ChiliGames
CC0, downloaded from

Golden Knight: Character Sprite, by soundemperor
CC0, downloaded from

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