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Quick Credits roundup of who owns and who create Stuff thats inside this Mod

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STARROVER TEAM (Engine Update & Models w/ Textures)

GOBLIN WIZARD (Mothership's Mod)

NANAKI (Fleet Mod)

Trucidation (Missile Mod)

Dark.Revenant (The Knights Templar Mod for StarSector)

Cycerin (BlackRock Mod for StarSector)


Kotkatat/StarDoom (Testing, Suggestions, Ideas)
Neo Genesis (Testing, Suggestions, Ideas)
Lotrek (Played a huge part in Testing and helped me alot)
Zekito (Testing)
Crowfeathers (Testing)
Arclight (Testing)
Tyrotrela (Heavy testing)
ShadoWarrior (Testing)
MixXaz (Testing)
Blacky (Testing)
EmileKhadaji (Testing)
SARFAX (Testing)
Kolomans (Testing)
TooBig (Testing)
obimark (Testing)
AC37AC37 (Testing)
Scoop (Testing)
oxygenes (Useful Mixed IMD 3d Models)
R42 (Testing)
BlueSoleil (Testing)
Valashu (Testing)


AUTODESK - 3DS Max 2008

ADOBE - Photoshop CC

Elite Games Team for creating SW3

XBOW Software for Starting the Trilogy


To Goblin Wizard for inspiring me to creating my own Mod, without him I probably would have never bothered to make one.

To Valv_id for explaining me some things about their Scripts and how to use them effectively.

StarDoom for being the first Player to ever Playtest this mod, since Inv_Versions

Lotrek for still sticking around after all this time and also giving me further motivation.

StarRover Team for also keeping this Game alive with many of their Mods such as Example: "New Civil War" which you can find on their Website, but sadly its only in Russian.

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