To some a clusterfuck of features, to others the only way to make this game any more worth-while, to me? a sandbox. For more Information, visit the SW3EXP Thread @ the 1C Forums. Can't post a link, since seemingly someones got a problem with that, what a shame.

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What's next?


I Feel like this is long overdue, so here I am.

Note: Most features here are only possible due to use of an injected DLL

What do we have ready?

  • LUA Only replacement for ShipDescriptions.xml (mostly for runtime-changes) (ShipDescriptions.xml IS EMPTY! / NOT USED ANYLONGER / DEPRECATED)
  • MissionAssist-v6: Mission management Solution for custom Quests (Vanilla one sucks)
  • LUA 4.0.1 Control via obtainment of the lua_State pointer from the game (Assisted via injected dll)
  • Prestus Systems fleshed out and finished.
  • CPU Players 1.0 (Not quite there yet with the features, but im working on it)
  • XDF (Extracted Data File) System which has all of the XML Data encoded in huge LUA formatted tables
  • PilotTeamManager System to quickly change the controlled Flights of the Player with new ones /previous ones.
  • Ready-to-Inject self working DLL (Nocalora.x32.dll) (EN, RU)
  • Injector to start the game with (Nocalora.x32.Injector.exe) (EN, RU)
  • Partial Decryption of the EN/RU version of the game. (Still some unexplained debugging behaviour)
  • Pre-Generator for all possible PATHS for the CPU Players to avoid using an algorithm.
  • MemoryPatcher utility included with the injected DLL.
  • GenFuncs: Utility for automated code generation (Especially useful for tables)
  • RCFF: Random Contact Fleet Framework Rewrite
  • Conflict Events 3
  • PPFX: Gameplay flight-specific ability system (Example: Secondary shield/hp for whole flight, incl special texture FX)
  • TAI: Tiny AI framework, to add support for NPC and Player controllable Characters.
  • CapturePoints: New Gameplay mechanic (Video available at youtube @Nocalora)
  • TriggerUtil: Specialized Trigger library for the EXPFL (Expansion Functions Lib)
  • ShipUtil: Specialized Ship library for the EXPFL
  • GroupUtil: Specialized Grouping library for the EXPFL
  • GlobalRand: Experimental but extremely useful SetGlobal/GetGlobal extension to enable the developer to mass-create these variables at will, and not even bother to clean them up (without changing the system). It comes with a built-in Garbage-collector System and many useful applications, most use cases are in the TAI System as of now.
  • FuncUtil: Huge Functions Library added specifically for this lua version (4.0) and this game.
  • DialogUtil: Small but handy Dialog library.
  • CoreFX: Small but handy special FX library.
  • TFF: Tiny Followers Framework (You know the decade old invasion_mod based followers mini-framework? Yeah thats finally been rewritten)
  • New INIT system depending on EXP-Init.lua
  • Small utility Sound System (Based on bass.dll) (mostly for internal use with the injected DLL)
  • Scripting Engine "Fixes" As I'd like to call them, I don't know why, but there are "IF" conditions to check some weird states of the variables, and I have disabled them via the MemoryPatcher utility. I Don't even have more details than that, it was just some weird (seemingly) unnecessary if condition.

Whats coming up?

  • Custom GUI Support (Via injected dll interaction with the lua_State and hooked functions)
  • XB19 Patrol Mission Part 3 (I legit didn't touch it still)
  • Prestus Custom Grand-Story (Incl. Custom gameplay mechanics)
  • External lua_State to support saving of information in-between system changes. (Main problem will be to add it to the save/load part of the game)
  • Limited Multiplayer Support (Full syncronisation won't be possible, but I'll try my best at this fun idea)
  • New functions such as (OnDamage, OnShieldDamage, GetShieldHP, etc)
  • Industrial Wolves: Industrialization focused mini addon.
  • BaseBuilding 2: Groundup rewrite of the old Basebuilding system with Industrial Wolves integration
  • ProceduralGeneration: Experimental System to generate random and new Systems (Envisioned to extend the border-worlds to be infinite, but more dangerous each time you go deeper in)
  • ShipPaintshop: Small Shop to be able to do paintjobs on existing ships. (Ever wanted to legitimately have a Inoco yari? Hell yeah!)
  • GateBlockades3: Rewrite of the old GateBlockade System, because I think it would add a fun dynamic to the game world.
  • ActivePirBase: A WIP module to add "Pirate" bases around the Systems of the Sector, which WILL break havoc on neighboring systems if not destroyed. Of course, this "havoc" only occurs when the player is in said system.
  • The "Holy Templars" have their story intersected with the Grand-Story of the "Prestus" Corp. Storyline.
  • Prestus Mini-Story
  • Extended Templar Systems (Including huge expansion to the TRZ Systems)

So whats up?

To be honest, not that much. Schools consuming all of my freetime to be honest, but I am still trying hard to make this game what its supposed to be... "more fun"(tm)(R)

Don't quote me on the above part, please. But all in all, this journey has since been long and it'll still take a while before I'll call it a day. So don't you guys worry, the very few ones still active here.

I really had hoped I'd have more to show, especially after so long inactivity, but thats all I have for now.

I will continue, for the time being, to extend the modding support of the game by hacking it with a debugger and some C++ knowledge. And I'll soon follow to finally pursue the Prestus Mini-story, because I'd love to test out the new gameplay mechanics I've added. I hope I can also post a video of the new stuff soon.

I know this might have been a short article, but fear not. This mod is not dead, and neither am I.

To be honest, this mod has evolved so much over the years, but mostly behind the shadows, hidden from the public. I have only slowly started the work on the injection DLL and said injector, it was a rollercoaster of new information, and it was exciting to learn on how "injection" and manipulation of the memory of a game was possible. It was far easier than I'd like to, honestly. But I still took my time to learn it, and I've grown because of it.

After all is said and done, I will, of course, release the DLL's Source Code including the Injector.

Thats all for now, take care people!

As a wise old Gaben once said: "These things, they take time" Especially since im dealing with x86 Debuggers!

Installation Instructions + What to do in a Crash-Situation

Installation Instructions + What to do in a Crash-Situation

Installers Tutorial

Installation Instructions which provide help on how to install this goddamn mod.




Quick Credits roundup of who owns and who create Stuff thats inside this Mod

RSS Files
Expansion Mod []-RC9 to RC17

Expansion Mod []-RC9 to RC17


A bit of a bigger RC this time around, some files were missing that caused some graphical artifacts.

[FULL] Expansion Mod []

[FULL] Expansion Mod []

Full Version

Full-Repack of the newest Expansion Mod version [RC9]

[All Versions] Mouse Smoothness (+ Hz Presets)

[All Versions] Mouse Smoothness (+ Hz Presets)

Patch 1 comment

A small compilation of 3 Presets of the D3D9 Hook to cap the framerate of the game to either 60, 144 or 250 fps.

[Optional] Expansion Mod  [8X Speed Fix] [EXE]

[Optional] Expansion Mod [8X Speed Fix] [EXE]


Modified .exe with an Assembly Editor to bypass the game's nonsensical 8x restriction, even though its part of the game's "Features" ONLY WORKS WITH THE...

[Optional] Vanilla Game  [8X Speed Fix] [EXE]

[Optional] Vanilla Game [8X Speed Fix] [EXE]


Modified .exe with an Assembly Editor to bypass the game's nonsensical 8x restriction, even though its part of the game's "Features"

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Hi, Nocalora!
I remember a huge forum topic on 1C publishers website started by you. Does it moved to another location or is it out of range now?

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I tried installing this mod as per the instructions, but it doesn't play past the very first scene. Does anyone know whether it works at all?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

nocalora Creator

Development of this mod is on hold as of now.
Theres enough stuff to do nowadays sadly so I can't maintain this anylonger actively.

There may be future updates, but in very inconsistent time frames.

Keep in mind that anyone can pick this project up, am always willing to share all project files I have related to this.

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Greetings, Thank you for this awesome mode,

I would just like to turn the fog of war back On, how can I do that?

Thnak you

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nocalora Creator

Hello! How can it be that its turned off though?

Are you sure you're playing on the Expansion Mod version RC17?
If so please respond.

And sorry for the slight delay, your message was hidden for a while.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Does anyone have an idea why this game runs only at 30 FPS?
My PC: I5-7600K, RX590, 16 GB RAM, SSD. I tried many "solutions" that I could find, but nothing changes the FPS. VSYNC on or off doesn't help, the EXP mod and/or the "Mouse Smoothness fix" doesn't help.

EDIT: WTF!? I think I found the culprit! I just reset ProcessLasso because of some other problem and right after writing this post I started the game, and boom - 100 FPS!

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Hello! Can I ask how you did so? would appreciate it.

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Haha I'm just surprised anyone still plays this gem of a game. Keep on rocking!

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Hey, thank you so much for that mod, that makes me hope that soon, I will cease to endlessly explore an almost empty space,

but for me it is not working...

I bought the GOG version,
problem is

1. no intro movie
2. when beginning a new game it crashes at the skill tree selection, without showing the skill tree
3. when I load a save my ship simply refuses to move

if your are to busy for a reason or another to awnser, no worries,
I am grateful that mod exists at all, and that someday me too could play it, even if I have to buy a physical copy, buy a new computer,
or change the electrical installation of my home.


Thanks you.

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nocalora Creator

Hey there! Sorry for the tad late answer.

Sad to hear you that you have problems with a new game, still, I don't think its quite neccesarry to change your electrical installation haha.

2 Things though:
- The "no intro" occurence would lead me to believe that something went wrong in the installation of the mod, or the integrity of the mod is messed up somehow.
- The skill tree crash definitely suggests a wrongly installed game.

Im just going to assume that you have the base file installed alongside the RC17 patch.

Tell me, do you start the game via the new game executable? Because that is required, else you're going to face some runtime problems.
If you do start it with the new exe and still crash or encounter these problems, please send me your LOGfile.txt (located in your main game directory) either via uploading it somewhere or using

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I'm having exactly the same issues, yes i did start the game via the new exe.

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