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After a long wait, blood, sweat and tears we proudly present you our Pre-Alpha gameplay trailer.

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Dear Community,

After a long wait, blood, sweat and tears we proudly present you our first ever Pre-Alpha gameplay trailer.

Click the image to view the video.

World premiere gameplay trailer

You can help us get on STEAM by voting on GREENLIGHT as we ramp up the PR/ marketing campaign with our eyes set on a beta next year (2013). Hit "like" or "rate" in the bottom hand corner (usually a thumbs up) and also share us on your facebook and social sites.

A big thanks go to the whole of the team (especially to JTMarrin and Matt Lefevere), plus our past members whom have made this dream come true.

We have slogged our butts off for 4 years, going from UT2k4, to UT3 and 3 years ago porting to the UDK engine. It has been a wonderful eye opening experience, meeting artists and colleagues from all over the world and to finally be able to bring our hard work together into this packed trailer is mind blowing.

We hope you enjoyed the trailer, bearing in mind this is ingame footage from an early Alpha build; not to forget we are an indie team working on a 100% ZERO budget.


Your Critical Point Team


Definitely unpolished, but a great start. Honestly, I hope you guys can get some bit of a budget so you can add more characters and fix the animations. Also, I would recommend more environmental VFX and more glowy explosions. Hope this was helpful!

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a2ny Author

Hi Fragfest

thanks for the comments
yes its still pre-alpha and a long way to go, your crititism is always welcomed. Character animations are already undergo, we have ripped out the old Animtree and started again, fixing alot of transitional blending issues, jumping, running and walking animations on our raw MOCAP data. There are already significant improvements.

Since the video we have already added a female merc ingame, she is also rigged and fully animated. We have a Merc male dude coming up next :)

so much going on.. !

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Sounds awesome, keep up the great work!

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Good variety of maps, some interesting game modes, lots of guns, bullet time (in multiplayer?). Awesome!

What I didn't see was the MoCap animation. Players just seemed to turn into horizontal position when shot. You could also show the images a little bit longer in the next trailer, since some of the flashing at start and end left too little time to see enough.

Good luck for the release on Steam.

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