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17 days to go! Courage 2 is almost ready to play with you!

Yep Gameplay's Gonna Be Hard

I was playing the game, you know testing it, there were jumpscares and chases and stuffs and I admit I died too (yeah tbh lol). So after that I was loaded to my last checkpoint and there was nothing wrong about that. I just noticed that, if I die then get loaded to my checkpoints, and these jumpscares doesn't kill me only the zombies and stuffs that will chase you, and by that you have infinite stamina for running (yes I granted the request), then the game and the player is pretty much overpowered like, you're just playing an ordinary casual game. In addition to that, the essence of the game's roots (the title) - Courage, is pretty much gone because, you're not scared to go out anymore and run like you never run out of energy. So I finally decided to wipe out the checkpoint-system to harden the game's difficulty and if you die, you will have to start the stage again - so in result of that, you will be watching every step you make, every path you take, every single detail you see, every sound you hear, every puzzle you solve, specially when you started hearing the moan of the zombie "...argggghhhhhhh", you better run cause it will chase the you till you find a way to hide yourself. I've tested it and tested it to some people and they admit, they like the version where there's no checkpoint 'cause you really got to have the courage to make every decisions, you don't know what's ahead of you.

Season Updates

On my last post, I've said the game's story will be divided into seasons. Me and my friends planned how many and what the story will be and here's our final decision: there will be three seasons which will be released on January 30 (Alone and Lost), April 30 (Reign of Fear), and October 30 (The Awakening). The story is still continues along the seasons but the protagonists may change.

Release Date

Nothing's still changed and the release date of Alone and Lost is still scheduled to be on January 30. So stay tuned, God bless, and to all the people who played and supported Courage (including the critics too), thank you so much for your wonderful support and I hope we could satisfy you in return of our upcoming games :) That's it, and always, have the Courage!


Played the first one and it was amazing
i cant wait to do a lets play on the sequel....

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