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A short preview of our soon to be released prequel episode.

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Greetings from the front lines fellow trench travelers, Lokken from TrenchWork here.

So it's been quite a while since our last update and apologies are in order, although our radio silence has not been from lack of work or progress, believe me.
Now, chapter one is getting closer and closer, but in the meantime we have a very special prequel episode that is just days away from release.
It's my great pleasure to present, "CountryCide: a TrenchFoot tale."

Indeed, what began as my idea of a "bonus map" to get peoples' taste buds tingling again quickly spiralled into a full blown mini-mod with nearly the entire team contributing
ideas and content. The result is a nearly hour long survival-horror adventure set before the events of Trench Foot. Before the knowledge of monsters and demons...
Before the outbreak of war, but ankle deep in the horror billowing around the world of Cretu. Check out the full backstory in the file's download description upon release.


What will this prequel include?

CountryCide will be a full-blown, lengthy level. Ranging from dark and mysterious forests to underground systems filled with unexplainable horrors. With the pacing toned down a bit,
you'll now have ample time to take in both the breathtaking and heavy atmosphere. From Autumn-like orange fields and forests, dilapidated cult hideouts and deep cavernous catacombs, CountryCide
has a huge variety of environments that will immerse you into its world.


When it comes to the technical side of things, expect to see all of the improvements that were promised with chapter 1, and more. Every inch of the code has been optimized to deliver the
smoothest experience possible. As for the gameplay, be ready to get a little tactical as the reloading mechanic crawls its way in. While Master Templar is an absolute unit, he's not invincible.
Smart thinking is required to survive this lonely experience without your fellow troopers to back you up, so make sure to always check that you're locked and loaded! Don't forget to manage your
resources too, as the remote location of Slakartvia cuts you off from your sweet limitless supplies of gunpowder.

As for what you'll be exorcising this time? Enemies range from farm tool wielding Slakartvian locals assumed to be involved in some heretical schemes, to spawns of evil almost impossible to describe.
Be careful, as you will have to adjust your strategy for each encounter as the enemies work together to corner you and make sure you don't get out alive. Expect to be on your toes the whole time!


That's enough of a sneaky peek for now foxhole friends. We are days away from releasing and really hope you enjoy this delux adventure episode.

I should also mention that I plan on pairing the release of CountryCide with the launch of my own Patreon account.
So after playing, if you are indeed the kind of person who likes to support the work you enjoy, please consider supporting me with a small donation. Not only does it help me out, but gives me more time to keep crafting the unique experience of Trench Foot for you guys.

Thank you so much for all the support. See you again very soon.

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Schuchart - - 1,641 comments

This looks delicious!

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HeadlessZombie - - 80 comments

Amazing! Can't wait to bring some death to more heretics and infidels!

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outerheavenlover - - 1 comments

Dude you need to make this isn't a stand alone retail game. It's so awesome

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