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Countryball World War - The War to End ALL Wars is a Real-Time-Strategy Game set in 1914. When Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated and beyond. Pick your Country, wage wars, or form alliances through diplomacy.

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1Countryball UpdateCountryball-The Real-Time Strategy Game for Pc (Mobile In the Future) Is a Real-Time Strategy Game set in the era of World war 1, from 1914 and beyond.

Choose Your CountryThe plan is to add EVERY Country, some, even fictional! First, the Country is created, then the clay (Land) for said Country. Every Country has a unique design with extra Skins you can obtain through gameplay or Credits. Countryballs can also be equipped with different weapons and armor. Pistols, Rifles, Grenades, Flamethrowers, and more!



Build Your Base Build Military, Economic, and Defense Structures! There are 3 types of military structures.

  • Barracks- Creates Ground Units such as Infantry and tanks
  • Seaport- Create vehicles like boats and destroyer ships
  • Airports- Creates Planes and Zeppelins

Economic structures And Economy management

  • City- Generates Higher Population and adds currency to your GDP over time. Military size depends on your country's population. The higher your Population. The more Units you can have.
  • Oil Refinery- Extract oil and add it to your Oil reserves.
  • GDP- The main currency, is used to buy everything in the game. Over time Each City generates and adds to your Country's GDP.
  • Oil- Basically your country's secondary currency. Use this to purchase more technically advanced units and structures

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UK and Ireland Coming Soon!Players will battle across a real-world map designed specifically for Countryballs! Very beautiful, colorful, diverse map with all types of environments like Snow, Desert, volcanic, grassy, and beaches. Gameplay
Real-Time Strategy but with Countryballs! Come up with all types of strategies to defeat your foe, use tanks, ships, and planes in War, or use trade and diplomacy. Choose wisely and decide the fate of the world around you!

Play through various real-life scenarios from Countryball World War 1's Campaign or just play throughout the years in a skirmish. Strategize and Conquer your enemies using vehicles and weapons from the first world war. Shape the world to be whatever you want it to be! You want the world to be a democracy? Go for it! How about communism? That's your choice! Build your Armies, conquer your enemies, and force your enemies to follow your ideology while at the same time, Managing your Economy and your Technology! The choice is yours!



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This is just a small glimpse into Countryball The Real-Time Strategy Game! The Plan is to eventually add multiplayer (at least 20 Players), add expansions like the Cold War Expansion, Napoleonic Wars, World War 2, and more!If you like what you see, consider joining us on our Journey of creating our dream games, apps, and more!

You can Specifically support this project by joining our social media Sites and the

Kickstarter <unique skins, custom skins, Add Your Skins/Countries, access to the Beta, and more! Only available on Kickstarter!

Website <Find out More Info Here and Demo Coming Soon!

Reddit <Stay Up to date

Discord <Join the discussion thank you for all your support!

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