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Counter Warfare: Reloaded sneak peak. Coming Christmas 2015.

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The MOFO development team finally decided to revive the Counter Warfare project. The developers thought that it would be a waste if the concepts were never made it into the game. Here are the new contents that are coming for the pre-alpha demo release which is scheduled during Christmas 2015

NEW MAP: Dalian Winter

BF2 2015 11 26 21 40 12 47

BF2 2015 12 06 17 01 41 26

A very great thanks to JONES, who let us use his map in our mod. Special thanks to DICE for making this awsome map.


BF2 2015 12 06 17 16 32 91

This mod heavily focuses on winter camo and winter-themed map. All the soldiers are retextured by BlueSpirit himself. Wei Wang also contributed for the few unique soldier kits and models.


BF2 2015 12 06 17 24 39 14

BF2 2015 11 26 21 28 43 86

BF2 2015 12 06 17 13 13 47

BF2 2015 12 06 17 02 11 69

The gamemode originated from Conquest Assault but with a unique twist. Defenders and attackers have different loadouts and gadgets. Defenders have CQB weapons, deployable traps, shield and heavy vehicles such as tanks and attack heli while Attackers have assault rifles, dmr, grenade launchers, Javelin and only transport helicopter. Attackers have to capture most point to win the game while defenders will try to defend until the ticket runs out.


We have recruited a few new members for the team such as NightRaven for text edits and EileenGarfield for concept arts and textures.

Thats all for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

Hugh020 - - 421 comments

Looks like there are absolutely no illegal ports at all. 8/8 m8.

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NΞXUS - - 170 comments

Wonderfull idea with the new Gamemode! Sounds Interesting.
The first I will do is insert my Sunflare. The map Looks great! BUT it would look more authentic if you use snow and fog :)

(If you want I can create some Special Sunflares only for your mod)

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alencore - - 445 comments

Does it has de_dust or any of the famous CS maps?

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