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I invite you to see the cosplay I did for Parallel, I also did a Special Developer Edition to give for my supporters and followers. I will be at the Fair BGS (Brasil Game Show) and the game release date is October 6th.

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I'm always thinking about what I can do to give something back to the gamer community and add value to the product, in this case the game Parallel, which I've been developing alone since January 2020. I don't have a publisher, but I BELIEVE 100% in the power of the gamer community and I'm preparing a lot of giveaways for raffles and to give gifts to influencers who support me. The game is being made in 3 languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese. And I really want to bring this game to other platforms, I believe is just a matter of time. Thank you very much and wish the positive force always be with you 🙏

Don't forget to follow me in all social medias to to stay tuned for promotions and raffles. Here at the Official Website you can see the links:

The release date is set on October 6th, if you wishlist the game on the Steam page, you help me alot.

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On BGS (Brasil Game Show) I will make I'm going to do raffles too
The community is everything to me, specially on YouTube, you guys are the best.

game parallel rpg

Feel free to say whatever you want on social media. I'm just one person, but I always read all the comments, because I make this game for you, without you nothing would make sense to me.

Game Parallel Best Indie Game 2022

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