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Let's review events of past few weeks and how they relate to Cortal development...

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Portal 2 is out!
In case you didn't notice.
And up there it says Portal 2 mod.

So what is the conclusion? Re-boot of development!
Now that we have tools to work with, we can slowly start crafting the perfection of this mod.
For some reason, Valve thinks they are smarter than us (and in most cases they really are) so I had to bypass few things here and there in order to make Cortal to Cortal. But this is more of the technical stuff we'll explain below.
So what are the changes that matter for you?
Most importantly, the story got changed. We took our story, brainstormed a whole bunch of ideas and used the best ones to make our story great. What can you expect? Probably one of the most unique stories ever experienced in any Portal-mod. We put really lot of effort into this and we make sure to keep only the best stuff.
Of course, the story heavily affects the enviroments. Do not expect to see bunch of moving rooms or underground spheres. We're not Aperture. Instead we are trying to focus on more realistic, but well designed and detailed enviroment. You will definitely see some BTS areas and you'll have the chance to exlore some of the key parts of Gamma Technologies facility on your own! The details are of course, kept secret for now.
Now for the technical stuff: Portal 2 is to certain degree less flexible than Portal 1. For one thing, we haven't managed to decompile Portal 2 models. we're still working on that, because it is necessary in order to make stuff the way we want it. Also, some of the puzzle elements had to go, because so far it is impossible to achieve certain things. Of course, we are always trying to find ways to bypass the system.

That is probably everything to be said for now.

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minotor1279 - - 219 comments

Sounds good.
Aperture was good bu without that "dam, thats never gonna kappen :/"
will be great!

Can't wait to see more.

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