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Actually no cops to be found in this scenario for our favourite maze game.

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Yes, it has been a while. I did mention feeling burnt out, didn't I? Here's something new anyway; I hope to slowly come back on the old road with this release, but can't make any specific promises. Let's just hope, shall we?

Today's single release is Copland, a six-level Second Encounter set by Munj. A pure mapset, the levels included nonetheless feature some rather diverse mapping. Although map 2 is just a huge maze and map 3 contains arguably too many small square rooms, you will otherwise encounter some interesting room designs (including more than one route to the exit) and, as usual, lots and lots of enemies to dispose of. Get to it.

And remember, cops are your friends.


copland 1

copland 2


Edit: soon after posting the post, I found the actual readme for the mod (and not just a Clubey readme; the real thing). What a silly goose I am. Well, it turns out that there are still no cops in the game (it's named after System 8.0 instead). The year is 2020, the world is becoming truly idyllic, but there's a new Nazi invasion brewing and you, as an ex-soldier, must stop it before H.I.T.L.E.R. destroys world peace. So go do it.

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