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Why there's no updates of Hotline U.A.C? What the hell did just happened? Glad you asked, I'll explain what happened about time in this TL;TR article. Which it's kinda my story. (Better than a long dev vlog I guess)

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Hey everyone, keep you waiting? Well bad news to tell you first, there's no updates of this megawad, the good/bad news is that I gonna explain what happened.

First of all, I let this project in pause due the fact I needed to validate my Video Game Dev school's graduation, and this year, I made it, by the Free Lance way (since April). I won't tell who helped to get hell through this part which it's difficulty to find a job or internship, this year my school changed rules and since I can validate it as Free Candidate. I went to some community discord and shared one of my games made on Construct 3 and by lucky, some animator guy picked me as freelancer game dev. The only proofs of that is that I used PayPal as invoice to show to my school and screenshots as well (of my client's game, the animator is my client)

Second, I've been forced to work in the same time with family business which I cannot leave if I cannot be stable in term of economy (I'm in france and it's not cheap, unless I'll get my ass to Cambodia for full time indie game dev which this place is more cheaper, I should have be grown there if there's no Khmer Rouge regime bullshit), due of lack of time against my own, my organization as game dev is pretty fucked up. (my "double life" is a bad thing in my experience, and I'm not fan of this word).

Third, I completely fucked up my time all over stuffs for my jokewad Angry Anna for experiment funny stuffs, not only this one, I also I played some games for make me less anxious (which it can be big mistake but in the same time have some reference about building universe and tech), this point is how much I neglected Hotline U.A.C about let it not finished 100%.

Fourth, I've working for my client and it's almost less possible to work on the mod, however, I can get some arrangement with Doom modding friends for make it complete so I'll work in with ease and manage the development of the mod + I can work without being distracted for my client, once the game (my client) demo is complete and stable, I'll do a dev vlog in my main youtube channel.

Conclusion : The fate of this mod will remain unknown, dead or in ice, only time decides, my Indie Game Dev path is tortuous due of the job I have against my own (family business) but at least I have cash, the only wish is that I'll go back to Hotline U.A.C development but I don't think I should complete this mod alone anymore due of what issues I have. I believe that I've disappointed all of you and I feel bad while I'm writing this, I'm sorry, if I could really full time game dev for good, I would finish that mod for good. One move it can be regretful from me, is to leave it in oblivion, in the sense that I'll abandon this ambitious mod forever...

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