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Community contributions to the project: Everything that everyone has helped with so far.

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Contributions from the Overgrowth Community

Of course, I couldn't get this far with the project on my own. I've gotten help on multiple occasions from the wonderful and fabulous Overgrowth community, which I will credit here (and of course, a credits page for when the game is released).

This is a list of names of people who have assisted me, and how:

  • Thomason: From the forums, this pal made some great dialogue scripts, allowing me to make a working key system, special dialogue triggers, and stuff of that sort. And making this gif.
  • Grindgrain: Also from the forums (a lot of people helping are from the forums): Made some custom music for different spots in the campaign. I'll use the music once I figure out how to actually implement it...
  • Halzoid: From the forums, Halzoid has made some custom idle animations to use in dialogue, along with some scripts that I'm using for hotspots, and contributed a model.
  • Rodeje: From the forums, made some idle animations that I'll use for dialogue.
  • Silverfish: From the forums, made a guide on YouTube of how to make holes in terrain, which I'm using quite a lot in the campaign.
  • My Dad, Robb: From my bloodline, he's helped me make textures for Overgrowth, along with skyboxes and some contributions. Coolness.
  • Autious: From the forums, he suggested I use GitHub, and that was a good idea. I'm still using GitHub.
  • iDubbbz: From the forums and YouTube; he originally made the map "Viking Biomes", which inspired me to make an open world campaign. It just went on from there.
  • Twowolves "Jim": From the forums, he's made so many great assets that I've used in this campaign.
  • Anton: From the forums, totally willing to support Therium-2 on SUMLauncher.
  • David & Aubrey: Making Overgrowth. This is kind of a given, but seriously.

Thanks to all those people, and thanks to anyone who will contribute later on! This project won't go dead any time soon.

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