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Thanks for voting! Top 100! And a grapple gun and a video.

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Thanks to everyone that's voted. We made it into the TOP100 mods of 2010, which is something we're all proud of. Now vote us into the top 10 :P!

To celebrate our dedicated fans (and new inventory system), I've decided to ask the community for assistance. We'd like to hear all your ideas for items, weapons, armour, you name it. In the next news post (if this is successful) we'll name the winners! (Don't assume this is gonna take a huge chunk time out of development, Terrenteller made us a fantastic item creation program)

If you're a modeller, and you have a spare weapon/item lying around that you think would look good in the mod feel free to attach it to the form below.

Hopefully we can get some good new content for the mod.

I've been working on particle effects for the Kantubek map, trying to breathe some life into it.

Tom's been working on a grapple gun, as seen below. Pair it up with the athlete perk for maximum movement around structured areas.

Grapple Gun

Anyways, that's it for now. Expect a good new update soon.

Croco15 - - 1,240 comments

This is so awesome I can't even think of what to say! Actually, 1 tiny complaint. The clouds are a bit fast, other than that, awesome!!

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aidas2 - - 3,816 comments

Can I only suggest stuff for the mod if I have a model for it? And looks great btw, but sometimes it sounds like there's a sea nearby in the video lol.

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JLea Author
JLea - - 305 comments

No, you can suggest anything.

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KiiNG - - 352 comments

So its basically like contributing to tf2?

We have to model texture and submit?

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JLea Author
JLea - - 305 comments

No, if you're a modeller and you happen to have a weapon/prop lying around which we could use feel free to submit it.

Ideas are the main purpose though.

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awesomepossum - - 997 comments

sweet nature effects

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Gulp343 - - 770 comments


Painkillers - Reduce the HP loss effect for a while and restore a bit health.

Riot helmet - A helmet like the Speznaz soldiers wear! Via a button, it can be equipped. It reduced the field of view but prevents from getting killed by headshots for 4-5 times. With every hit, the glass (?) gets cracks and if the player doesnt´t take it off when its hit block capabilities are stretched, the glass breaks and hurts him (outch)

Hazmat suit - It could be obtained in the beginning of one of the labor levels. I think only a gasmask would not be a good protection for going through anthrax poisoned areas since if he would get a scratch we would get infected.
It should make all sounds blurried and district the vision (kinda like in Black Ops, I really liked this scene).

Tear gas - (a tear gas grenade) Could be fired with the KS23

Different ammunation types - Precision: less bullet drop/damage

- AP : more bullet drop/less accuracy
more dmg

- incendiary . heavy bullet/armour

More modern Sniper rifles - For example maybe an AWM or SV-98
(bolt action in general)

Some unique weapons that can be obtained from a trader, FE an old prototype G11 (not looking at COD! :O)

more Different attachments like a night ops scope, longe range scope wich displays the distance when combined with a laser pointer, or ...

Throwing kive - should work as in METRO 2033, for stealth action

Food in general - makes a eating sound when "used" and restores a bit HP, maybe some alcohol or cigarettes wich add a bit smoke to the players view would be cool^^

And finally, an arm watch, dunno what to do with it but this game needs and ARM WATCH :D

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Gulp343 - - 770 comments

Please forgive me my dubble post and my bad spelling :S I hope some of these ideas were useful, bye! :)

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Prone - - 121 comments

I like your thinking, my friend.

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Savci - - 385 comments

Oh, so you like overused and typical ideas? I mean, seriously, all of those have been around on most forums and many of them are actually in games.
Still, they are nice elements. He just didn't make any of that up.

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jjawinte - - 5,067 comments

Fantastic effects work ! I especially like the leaves.

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SPY-maps - - 2,907 comments

wow, what a great effect, those leaves indeed Jjawinte, and the clowds, and the dust. this is getting better and better!!!!

really a professional look.
and i say it again, i LOVE the Stalker look!!!!


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.#BlackouT - - 215 comments

oh n1 awesome work that could be a very nice mod

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St33m - - 219 comments

aw, i thought we were able to make cool contributions.

like creature concept art.

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D3ads - - 3,791 comments

Excellent stuff, already voted the mod into the top 10!

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Lacedaemonius - - 510 comments

This most definitely looks like an awesome mod, but if there's one thing I hate, it's beggars pleading for us to vote for them.

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Cremat0r - - 6,885 comments

It's just human that people want to be honored for their work, dude.

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CaptainLagfail - - 259 comments

Left a few ideas about trip mines / traps in the suggestion box. Here's hoping a game gets it right for once!

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SteveZombie - - 3,730 comments

The mod is looking absolutely incredible, I just can't believe it's a mod at all.

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