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Progress continues. Completed another dialog, and adding some new functionality to one of the encounters.

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So, since the last update these things have happened:

- I lost my Damsel. The voice actress that was going to do it got mortally ill and decided she was not well enough to continue the work. It's unfortunate since I could tell she had the right spirit, and the perfect voice to mimic the existing Damsel.
I have a backup in mind: I'm going to reach out to one of my local radio DJs and see if she's interested, as she has that same raspy, upbeat, female voice.

- I have finished the voice work for Tourette. Due to ... budgetary constraints, the new lines for Tourette are actually sound bites from the new Jeanette and Therese lines spliced together. The dual nature, camera - swapping effect goes a long way to making this work. Overall, Tourette is probably my least favorite voice work I've done; if people criticize my voice work at all, this will probably be one of the pain points. I was really hoping splicing would have worked better. Either way, I've been dreading doing this one, so I'm glad it's over with.

- I've added some cool, new functionality to one of the encounters, really making it a lot more dynamic. You can see a picture of the action in the new screen shot. To make this encounter better, I've actually added a 3-party street fight, and added a clan of Kindred not in the original game: an Assamite. To do this, I took my hand at reskinning an existing model. It turned out pretty good I think. Additionally, to have some functionality for Quietus (the discipline unique to Assamites, custom-made for killing other vampires), I had to get some programming help from Dheu, the other big-time VTMB modder, who created Comp Mod.
Overall, I think people are going to really like it.

Test version coming soon. Promise!


Sorry your Damsel fell ill; I hope it wasn't terminal. Can't wait to play the latest version of the mod.

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