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Latest video too big to upload to the moddb. Brief glimpse at the overhauled game play. Blame my older computer and lack of knowledge of how to fix the shoddy AI(it's still the stock) for the limited footage.

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Weapons now take resources to fire, vehicles must be crewed, structures are now ,well structures, not slightly better than infantry which was just plain dumb. Individual units, space marines being super durable, and guardsmen and eldar not so. Vehicals don't produce nearly as quickly as infantry train. Tank killer weapons are now tank killer weapons. The bunkers work properly, 1 man fires 1 gun from the bunker; to fire all 12 you need 12 men inside. All missiles are now artillery. Seemed dumb to have them direct fire with such long range, and it was impossible to mange when they were direct fire. Power weps are so, very good armour penetrating, why banshees can now fight SM if they get up close and get in the first blow. Many other changes, like the guardsmen getting melta bombs, most space marine units do too, and eldar stuff gets haywire grenades and so on, allowing them to fight tanks even early on, so no one is completely incapable in tier 1, this is dependent upon upgrades which are expensive and take lots of time so its not a balance thing, its because inf. are always the first to be improved -history shows, and now that's included in the game. Also, artilery is actually artillery. Weather or not something is anti inf. or vehical etc. is not determined by the AP and damage output. Lascannon will punch a hole in tank armour; its dumb for them not to penetrate inf armour with a single shot, so, now they do. The reason why lascannons are not considered anti infantry is because of their fire cost and that they have no splash. Artillery is effective because of the splash, however there is great cost so it is not as effective as HBs or plasma guns. Artillery is good vs everything pretty much, just has massive fire cost associated with it. For this reason artillery is fielded sparingly, only when you need it, if you can do without you do with out. Everything's good vs is based on accuracy, fire cost, AP, raw power, ROF, range, splash, production cost, total armament, abilities, upgrade/ research/ train/ production times, speed stealth and resiliency all together. Although the Baneblade is anti everything it is extreemly costly to field. You might as well build a small army as it would consume fewer resources, and most opponents will not field much which would requier the Baneblade to bring down. So, its better to just have lots of inf. and lighter tanks for fighting inf and other light or medium vehicles, as the guards tanks are superior. Back to the lascannon, although it can punch through pretty much any armour it is not good vs inf because of the high fire cost and lack of splash. HB consumes few resources in comparison to AT weapons, has a high ROF, long direct fire range, and decent AP and power. It is because of this the HB is good vs inf.

You can see this briefly in the video.

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