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Sony deadlines with obscure Playstation 4 pictures right before Xbox unveiling tonight!

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(Xbox One) - !Console war is started! - (PS4)

Sony deadlines with obscure Playstation 4 pictures right before Xbox unveiling tonight!
Tonight 7:00 p.m. to unveil its new Microsoft Xbox console. For the occasion, they have built a very tent in Seattle where invited guests will witness the unveiling, while the rest of us can watch a live broadcast from the event via our Xbox 360 console or

Shadow War

Unveiling tonight marks the official starting signal for a new console war, with Microsoft and Sony will try to position themselves and their brands best possible with the help of sharp elbows and at times a bit coarse methods.

Sony has already had its unveiling of the Playstation 4 Where we did not see any of the console itself, but were served a variety of gaming experiences and information about unique features like the ability to connect the user account on social networking, the ability to capture and share game videos, testing of game demos via streaming and other sharing features which you among other things, to let others take control over your game via online.

From Microsoft has been quiet. Rumors have flourished about the various online requirements and used games rafters, but Microsoft has - besides some lapses from staff on Twitter - had no specific statements about the upcoming console. Tonight at 7:00 p.m. facilitate the veil on.

It is therefore no coincidence that Sony a day before Microsoft's advertising release a trailer that hints at the look of the Playstation 4 online with lots of quick close-ups of the upcoming console. Fans have cut the trailer apart and tried to put together a picture of how it might look, top scores in the present case is made ​​from Reddit user Albino Zebra in this thread.

Watch Sony's new PS4 trailer here


Leading up to the launch, it's about positioning themselves. About to get a head start. Sony have historically been quick to Outwit your opponents. When they announced the Playstation date and price at E3 in 1995 they made it right by Sega thought they had won the show by launching the Sega Saturn early for $ 399. Sony took over all the headlines when they announced just after the Playstation would be launched for $ 299.

Tonight a show some cards. It's going to stay with someone, in this game it is risky to put all the cards on the table before early. They're going to go in the throat of many of the rumors that have circulated in recent months, and offer an alternative to Playstation 4

Where Sony's press conference primarily focused on games and opportunities for developers, I guess Microsoft will increasingly be about services and entertainment services. While the Xbox 360 has been a huge entertainment machine with many different film-sports and serial providers in the U.S., limiting the Norwegian entertainment to a few services outside of the games, so for our part, I hope it gets the most focus on the game tonight and not all possible other services that we never have access to Norway anyway.

Whatever we come enough to be left with many questions after the presentation. In this game it is extremely risky to show my hand too early. Sony sits ready enough to adapt their E3 presentation based on what a focus on tonight, and Microsoft have spent enough time well since Sony PS4-disclosure to adapt today's presentation. After E3 we will experience a durab slugfest where the two console manufacturers are going to fight tooth and nail to get ahead of the competitor.

Console War began, in other words in earnest tonight. 7:00 p.m.
Microsoft's presentation directly on or through your Xbox 360
(or via the games media as approved by Microsoft to display the stream.


--> A Dedicated PC Gamer's Rambling <--

So far the new Xbox looks like a bigger failure than its predecessor. There's far too much gimmicky crap and an over-all entertainment focus. The PS4 will probably pick up a lot of more serious gamers as a result.

There's nothing more telling than the constant use of the phrases "intelligent TV" and "for the family."

Yet again the Xbox is bound to be the friction holding back the potential of PC gaming and maybe even the PS4. We can only hope a lot of developers base their games on the PS4 because I doubt major developers will suddenly get excited for the PC.

This 15 exclusive games thing is also a bit worrying. And what's really hilarious is that they've pretty much literally called their console the Call of Duty console. They're claiming innovation and graphical fidelity that I've seen already years ago, its pitiful.

I'm done watching this mess.

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Don't forget the term "graphical fidelity" can be added to constant overuse.

Anyway, I don't really care about their war, I have my PC, my mods and I love them.

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We have our PCs but they have the power to keep franchises exclusive, water them down, and keep all of them on their super cable-box that can also play games.

Oh well, at least we have Star Citizen. They can't take that from us.

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Hopefully star citizen harms consoles so that we can finally get away from their tyranny. I used to be a console peasant, but then I realized how much better PC are and I am now proud to be a PC gamer instead of a console player:D I hate it that consoles use exclusive games that suck because they are made for consoles to get people to buy them:( if nobody bought consoles exclusive titles would disappear:) but than the PC master race has RTS, better RPGS, and better FPS games, so why am I complaining?

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OK here's my thoughts on the different machines

Nintendo: We want to make a console that gamers won't like
Sony: We will make a console thats the most powerful gameing machine
Microsoft: We want to replace your television antena/cable

And to having it said I've never been a playstation player, Nintendo/pc as child Xbox/Pc currently.

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Xbox: 1
PlayStation: 4

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