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Conquerors of Coultchorn mod lore. A work-in-progress!

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Coultchorn: Fables and songs tell of a storied land of majestic peaks and rolling, fertile plains. Fable has it that Coultchorn was the birthplace of the titans and the water fairies, as well as the nucleus of all magical activity on the mortal plane. The ruling faction of Coultchorn, the Kingdom of Crymnand, is legendary, and its far-reaching legacy is undeniable.

But the reality of today’s Coultchorn is far from the idyll portrayed in old fables and songs. Nearly one hundred years ago, Crymnand fell apart. The death of King Mason III drove the various Crymish states into chaos, and a succession crisis plunged the continent into a bloody war that lasted decades. In the end, Crymnand was no more, fractured into factions led by claimants to the Crymish throne.

For the next century, war would prevail, tearing the once-prosperous land of Coultchorn into a black age of violence as squabbling kings fought for control over the shadow of a once-great kingdom.

Like vultures to a kill, the powers of the world have descended upon the corpse of Coultchorn to fill their gullets with what spoils could be had. The promise of glory, wealth and power brings thousands of adventurers from overseas to scratch out a name for themselves in the war torn land. The fires of war rage on, and it seems that nothing will quench them until Coultchorn is naught but ash…

Only a single ray of hope remains. A prophesy divines that a hero will one day bring unity to the ravaged continent. A champion bathed in golden light will descend upon the land and finally reforge the old Kingdom of Crymnand, uniting the whole continent under its banner.

Few hold out hope that such a champion could exist. War has made the people of this blasted land sick and weary. Little do they know that their salvation is closer than they could possibly could imagine.

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