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We have had to delay Conniption on Desura by a week due to a bug fix and to implement new art in the game. Sorry guys.

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Unfortunately we have had to delay the release of Conniption by a week for an essential game improvement fix and hopes to implement new art in the game, namely exotic and cool-looking buildings which the player can deploy.

To those that already preordered we are sorry for any inconvenience but we feel that once the game gets released next week it would be in near perfect light. Thanks very much.

On unrelated news we have uploaded a new trailer for the Desura Release.

Until next time. See you guys.


Looks like an overly complicated version of Dead Frontier, with the same engine, horrible modelling and it costs 10 dollars extra. Waste of time and money, IMO.

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Boom, buuuuuurn

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GabrielFarrugia Author

This has nothing to do and is not remotely similar to Dead Frontier. You should really take a look at the game before commenting. Thanks.

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Not remotely similar? Well from the horrible quality video, and the limited information that i have (zombies in a city, such an original story line), I can only assume that this is a replication of Dead Frontier. Very few are going to buy this. From my experience, you only give games (in this case, your mod) a price tag if either

A) They have a large fanbase, and alot of people are expecting it

B) It brings something new to the table, even if you ARE an indie game dev


C) This game features jaw dropping use of the game engine that is being used.

From what I know, you haven't done any of these.

Good day.

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GabrielFarrugia Author

In this game you play as the zombies which has nothing in similar with Dead Frontier. You play as a virus which you can improve and enlarge. It also has strategic elements such as base building and force deployment. You have a currency and have to spend it wisely to create and improve your forces. In addition, the game is in Alpha with even more features to come. I am failing to see the resemblance with Dead Frontier, in which you play as a sole survivor. Still, you have your opinion. Thanks again.

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