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Working on the next version. Breaking down the process. Asking for opinions on Character submissiveness.

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Hello diplomats, I've noticed that my mod got listed as "outdated" which while true is also misleading as it suggests it does not work anymore. I did lose all my project-files so I had to do it all again from scratch, which is sad, but only took a fraction of the original time.


non-major factions get -25 to their Confederation resistance(in general)

major factions get divided into three groups:

1. I need, those regions to pass edicts! - about where Agamemnon was in the base game - Aeneas*, Diomedes and Ajax

2. THIS IS MY PARTY!!! - significantly higher resistance - Agamemnon, Hector and Paris**

3. no sir, i will not join your party - +25 resistance - everyone except the Amazons and Priam.

I chose to go with a fixed amount instead of a percentage as I noticed that this is more in line with how the mechanic works. And I wanted to keep Ajax and Diomedes somewhat easy to confederate because I think they should get confederated by Agamemnon or another Danaan, sooner or later.

But what about you? I have the files ready-ish but think it might be a good idea to get some feedback as to who might be particulary hard or easy to confederate. Any suggestions?

*Aeneas is a huge B*tch and I had to increace his resisance to still be the lowest of all Major factions.

** Paris is little shit and deserves being confederated by his betters, but I did not want to seperate him out from his chad brother, which might cause... issues. so they share a diplomatic AI.


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