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Conduction, the new puzzle/action game from Screwtape Studios has been submitted to the to the Apple app store for approval. All going well, it will available for download worldwide for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android on June 1st 2011.

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Conduction, the debutant game from Brisbane, Australia developer Screwtape Studios, was recently submitted to the Apple app store for approval.

Conduction Gameplay

Tap the conductors to send a charge through them and eliminate them from the board. Conductors of the same color OR conductors that contain that color will be affected. Tap a red conductor and all the red conductors near it will disappear, at the same time, all purple conductors will turn blue and all orange conductors will turn yellow.

Watch out though, after a while the conductors will lose charge and die. Fill the board with discharged conductors and it's game over!

The submission of Conduction marks the end of a five month development cycle by Screwtape Studios, who had help from local graduates as well as experienced industry professionals, and this is just the beginning.

Screwtape Studios is hard at work making Conduction Socially aware, so that players can taunt and compare each others progress on sites like Facebook and Kongregate!

When released, Conduction will be available on both the Android Marketplace and Apple App Store for $0.99USD.

for more info, contact Screwtape Studios at or check out the Conduction IndieDB page at

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