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This article discusses the Release date of the Indie Game "Condense- a game about collecting mass," a visually stunning game! Read this article to find out more!

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Condense- a game about collecting mass.

What is Condense?

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"Condense" is a casual and beautiful arcade game about collecting mass, as the title suggests. Starting out at small point in space on the atomic level, the player must fight to keep their character alive, in the process growing their character to galactic sizes. The “Condense” feature is the main point of the game; once a player has collected a certain amount of mass, they must condense it in order to grow to the next stage. The game’s design, from visuals to sounds, features a unique look and feel that allows detail and complexity in its graphics while still feeling fairly simple and minimalistic. The game is dark and reminiscent of space, which contributes to its atmospheric, ambient, and lonely feel. Along with this, it features an intriguing 16 song soundtrack which is both dark and surprisingly calming. “Condense” brings something fresh to the evolution category of games.

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Condense was featured as a Kickstarter "Staff Pick," was funded in August of this year, and showcased at the St. Louis PixelPop game event. The game is nearly done, releasing in both computer and mobile formats in this fall. Read further down to see the release date!

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  • Visually stunning game design
  • Endless playability- randomized spawning and colors!
  • 16 unique and immersive songs! (one unlocks at the end of the game)
  • 42 in-game achievement levels!
  • Play as an Atom, A Black Hole, or even a Galaxy!
  • Surprises of all kinds as you progress!

Screenshot 2015 10 22 21 03 57

When does the game release?

Condense releases on November 20th, on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.\

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