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Some significant Concordant Mod gameplay details. Another portion.

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Covers & Landscape

Concordant Mod forbids all weapons shooting through rocks and other landscape. An unpenetrable landscape brings more realism to the game and makes the battle location choise much more important. It also means that Your units can shoot the enemy only when its upon their «sight line». It’s important in case of large covers and a big height difference.

Image 1. Word Bearers Marines (left, in heavy cover) now can't shoot Alpha's Marines (right). You should relocate them to the edge, or wait until right units get it.


This system is not about artillery, that can fire any target from covers without straight vision. With bigger range in Concordant mod artillery becomes a very serious power. All artillery and abilities (like frag genades) are very effective against covers.

Never the less all flamers, warp flamers and Incenerators don’t need a full vision contact. Also flamer is the most powerful weapon against cover defending, it brings 1.5 - 2 of standard damage to all units in covers! But water and other negative covers decrease flamer’s damage. Flamers hit the “pie” area and burn ALL objects there. Now the power of flamers is so considerable, that most squads can have 1-2 flamer, no more.

Image 2. (low settings, just demonstration) Rhino flamer get damage to all FIVE targets in flamer cone


Covers & Infantry.

Heavy Cover – Infantry has standard 0.5 shooting defense, 0.75 speed, added significant health and morale regeneration. All jetpack units slow down more in covers, about 0.6-0.65.
Light Cover – 0.9 shooting defense, no speed reduction
Negative – 1.3 increased shooting damage, 1.5 increased morale shooting damage for more realism. But NO speed penalty now just for the balance.
Skimmer infantry (Hellions, Hellion Commander) don’t have any cover effects.

Covers & vehicles.

Heavy Cover – 0.75 shooting defense and 0.5 speed increase
Light Cover – no defense and 0.75 speed increase
Negative – 1.15 increased damage and 0.75 speed increase
Very big vehicles and units (Land Raiders, Baneblades, Squiggoths, Avatars etc.) don’t have cover effects now, in the name of logic and realism! Skimmer vehicles (Wave Serpents, Hammerheads, Ravagers) don’t use it too.
All walkers (Dreadnoughts etc.) get cover advantages but always keep their speed

Morale & reinforce.

Now they are associated with covers more. Morale rate in the Concordant Mod is a little lower, and “broken morale” also means a disabled reinforce and health regeneration for the squad. It makes a well-timed cover using and commanders morale auras much more important.

When Your forces are in combat, their reinforce goes longer, it mainly depends on unit’s rank. There are 4 time multipliers: 1.0 (for example Renegades, other first units), 1.25 (Tau Pathfinders), 1.5 (Tactical Marines) and 2.0 (Elite infantry) All vehicles have 2.5 time multiplier of upgrades in combat condition.


Внушает ! Авиацию тоже будете переделывать под "вызов авиаудара " или усю нафиг ?

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Почти всю. У орков останется 1 самолет, как элитный юнит. Модельку жалко

*если хорошо владеешь инглишем, пиши на нем.. а то мы на интернациональном проекте как бы. Если есть затруднения, не заморачивайся)

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Не чукча читатель.

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Bivirgerry Author


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