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As the mod stopped it's progress, i will upload all materials i have made these past 2 years for C&C Generals Modding Community

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The mod page will be closed soon...or not, maybe as a placeholder, a proof that this mod was being hosted here in moddb. as an Altar to remind us there was a mod here, being sacked many times and rebuilt many times.

So, i have compressed all my works, it's included :

1.Alpha version of TLB (I think it's keep CTD whenever played)
2.Beta version of TLB (Unfinished, so it's unplayable)
3.Gmax files (Some finished models and some are not, well...if you see some other mod files, maybe it's just a placeholder, you know? i'm using it for scaling units or compare it...)
4.My other mod files (The other mod beside TLB mod i have made is The Next Level which i have abandoned long before TLB abandoned too, It contains some units cards that have been polished, you will see my design of LPG Trooper there)

Well, i think i must upload it with my modem...maybe i will not upload it in moddb, whenever i upload it here, it keeps error after 12%'s to be expected since now i'm living in Indonesia :P

REMEMBER ALL OF THIS FILES ARE UNPLAYABLE (maybe you dare to try the alpha version, but i'm not responsible for any errors)

The Files size are 500 MB, and it's the compressed. Feel free to use it (atleast give me credit)

With this announcement too, i will say Newgames Team will be disbanded after i have upload those files.

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Well, thats a something...

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