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This is a minor article concerning the Glorious Restoration Event Chain.

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When activating the Glorious Restoration event as the Netherlands, You will need to have an Army stronger than Belgium both in terms of a Navy and a Land Army, have low relations with England and Belgium by April 1841.

When you get the event you have the choice of starting the Glorious Restoration for an Alt History situation or skip it and go with a Historical approach.


Q: Why play as Britain?
A: The Main Targets for playing the Netherlands is to annex Belgium and retake South Africa and try to get to GP. Playing as Britain basically gets a path wherein if you defeat the Netherlands an Event pops up where in it involves the Belgians taking the province of Terneuzen if Prussia is allied to them or take the entire Southern Provinces of the Netherlands and give Prussia Venlo if Prussia is not allied to the Netherlands. Which brings me to the next question.

Q: Why play as Prussia?
A: Like mentioned previously, Prussia gets an event where they either ally with the Dutch and Invade Belgium and England or Stay neutral and get a tiny portion of land (I'll add an option where Prussia has a choice to return the land or not.) If you do choose to fight Britain, when you win you have a chance to get the Cape Coast a.k.a A colonial province in Ghana which by the time you get to become Germany, you not only will have a reliable nation guarding the Lowlands from flanking and taking the Rhineland while you march to Paris.

Q: Why play as Belgium?
A: If you do want to play as Belgium you must not make any units in the first half of the year 1841 so that the Dutch get the event. And the Short Answer instead of a Long Answer to this is.

It's a Victorian Endsieg.

Playing as the Netherlands also feels like an Endsieg, So basically it is a Lowlands Endsieg.
and Playing as the Netherlands and choosing this event allows you to get King William II of the Netherlands as a General, so funni.

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