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Hi fans. Thank you for all your support so far. As of now, we have 2 modelers, 2 coders, 0 texturers, and......

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As of now, we have 2 modelers, 2 coders, 0 texturers, and 1 mapper. We do need some people whocan help with the texture making, and we also need some concepts/ideas for units and maps from fans.

I would like to get a GC map idea for each era the eras are:

  1. Star Trek Enterprise Era
  2. Original Series Era
  3. Next Generation/Voyager/DS9 Era (all happened around the same time)

I would also like pictures for any land/space maps that should be included, and for any units that you think should be in this mod. We will need ideas for all major races that appear in each era, and please tell us which era your ideas go with. We do have some Original Series era ships finished by our modeler cherch, but they are in MAYA format. If you know of a place where cherch could get 3d studio Max to create and edit alo/ala files, please send us a link. Thank you

Star Trek at War team.


I've already said i'm willing to change model formats for you guys, all I need is the maya plugin.

My two cents for the campaign, go to some sort of trek timeline website and pick a major occurance for each of the centuries. For example:

ENT = 2100's, the Romulan War
TOS = 2200's, the Klingon Cold War
TNG to VOY = late 2300's, the Dominion War, Borg Incursions, etc

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obliterator789 Author

ok, apply to join our group....we could use your help. As for the model to cherch about that, for he is our modeling guy

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yea well 2 things it would be strange to have your self playing as Klingon vs Klingon. it has to be 3 mayor fractions. if you add to many side fractions the game just becomes to prolonged. There would be a romulan helped Klingon a normal Klingon and then a neutral fed. And the Romulans as a major fraction. to complicated for my small brain.

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I may have fixed that i've posted the newlly exported and old file types.

well we should see if we could make GC specific enimies to play against like the,
ENT era we have fed vs. Romulan only whith kligon ships and other race ships buildable from a pirat yards like in the vanilla game.

TOS-TMP eras we have fed vs kligons, and the romulans act like zon consortium cause during that time they were more info gathering and secluded from the rest of the known galaxy, sept for the bird of prey incedent.

TNG,VOY,DS9 eras here is where it gets tricky buildable other faction ships like romulan birds and kligon birds and negvar are planet specific buildable, and we have dominion alliance stationed in the gamma quad and cardasian and breen area worlds DS9 special station buildable at the wormhole,(not really cannon I know but the only way to fit it into the game I can think of.)third faction borg for this GC stationed in the delta quad with only fast between quad move at the transwarp hub that we see in endgame. so this era we have borg, and dominion alliance borg act like the ZC on this GC map set up not atacking constantly but when they do whatch out, and only one control space in delta for the feds is where voyager starts in the serries at the cartaker array, which can't produce ships but is a massive Credit booster and a one way quick link to alpha from the badlands area. so this GC is fed VS dominion VS borg.

all in all 5 playable races not counting pirat type factions like kazon, gorn, marqie, orion pirates.

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oh i just had an idea.
.. i say make the delta quadrent only access able by a wormhole in control of a the borg. with there massive armada and everything. and also have voyager stuck in the furthest corner of the quadrent so that its more cannon

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