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The second concept monday, where I talk about loadouts and list off the first 11 pre alpha testers.

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Hey guys, welcome to Concept Monday #2. I'm pretty sure I said I'd talk about loadouts/upgrade system last time (it may have been a week in between), so here we go.

The player will have three weapons attached to them at all times, which are a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and a melee weapon. Players will be able to go into the in-game shop and buy new and better weapons than the ones they already have, which uses a currency of XP (1 XP for killing a dinosaur, 75 XP for killing a player). For example, if you had a regular sword and wanted to upgrade to a tomahawk or whatever that had a cost of, let's say 50 XP, you would go out, get 50 XP, come back, buy the item and it will automatically be equipped when you start your next match. Oh, and if you wanted to use our sword again, you just go back into the shop and equip it. You've seen that kind of upgrade system before in other games, and it's not that special, but we're using that format for Volliod.

Also, the race to become a tester is over. I've picked the first 11 users that have tracked this game (because I wasn't lucky enough to get on to checking when it was ten). So, I am going to list them off now.


Thanks a lot guys. I will PM you so that I can email it to you guys when the time comes. So, if you want to become a pre alpha tester, PM me and I may or may not decide to let you in. Otherwise, just wait until alpha, when it will become public.

See you chumps next week, when I talk about game modes!



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