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This is the first update of the 9 series, and the decade for the Complex Mod.

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Many additions to the game, new units, new features and better graphical aspect, but the more important improvements have been done on stability, gameplay and performance.
Every duplicate ship/subsystem have been removed, redundant functions cleaned, lagging scripts revisited, a lot of bugs fixed.

The game has been balanced to reach the better space battle experience.
I hope you enjoy all this work!

Complex 9.1
Complex 9.0.1
Full LOG here.

About the future of Complex, considering that Gearbox is working on the new Homeworld, this release is the last one for Homeworld 2, not the last one for Complex.
If the new engine will be great the new Complex will be on the way.

Thanks to everyone who's following Complex for so long time, Beghins.

james340 - - 224 comments

Nice, I'll be taking this for a hard spin around the block for Christmas!
On that note - merry christmas everyone, especially the team that brought us this awesomeness!

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jeremybeam2 - - 4 comments

there's a new homeworld coming out? i had no idea ill have to check that out and thank you for the hard work on the mod!

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AJ - - 80 comments

Just awesome, thanks for the new release. But man, why do you guys always have to link to the main page instead of the actual "full log"? I always spend so much time trying to navigate your website looking for it.

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eugeniodesideri82 - - 7 comments

DAMN_ COOL GAME!! the only thing missing is an integration with the " HS high graphic mod"

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0megapr1m3 - - 13 comments

i've been playing these for a long time. and recently with linux complex 9 now crashes when it completes the loading process for a player vs cpu match. i have wine compatibility set for windows XP it wont even start with 7 or vista. can someone help?

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